Friday, April 30, 2010

busy busy

Well I’m up at silly o’clock this morning was trying to edit some photos ready to go in my etsy shop but still not got them all done.

Have a little look at these see what you think????????????

Got go get Fred and Lillie up now busy busy morning gymnastics followed by swimming and I have to go in whaoooooooo waxed and ready to go :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Replace a broken zip in jeans

When the zip breaks on your favourite pair of jeans it breaks your heart even to think about putting them in the recycling bin. I will take you step by step and make it as easy as possible for you to mend that fab pair of jeans.

Things you will need:
• Jeans with the broken zip
• stitch remover/seam ripper
• Scissors
• Sewing needle if you don’t have a machine
• Thread
• Sewing machine best option
• New zip
• Pins
• Glasses (in my case) lol

You need to start with the right size zip here’s how to measure
Removing the Broken Zip
The first thing you should do is unpick the stitching of the original zip – it is best to start at the waist band just at the top of the zip do this by using your stitch remover/seam ripper and scissors.Don’t unpick the entire waist band just the bit at the top of the zip so you have enough room to stitch the new zip back in later.
Now with the zip completely removed let’s start the tricky bit (I have highlighted where you have removed stitches from) so this is what you should have to start with.
Replacing the broken zip
With the zip foot on your machine. Unfold the flap of the zip and with your zip face down sew on the right side not forgetting to back-tack.

Opposite side now you have 2 pieces of fabric plus the zip to contend with so you’re best to use pins here. Tuck the zip up into the waist band then place fabric back on top now pin the 3 layers together continue down to zip make shore you keep all 3 layers level.

Now start your stitching in the same place where you unpicked too and don’t forget to back-tack sew all the way to the top removing the pins on the way.

Change the foot back you can now sew the waist band back up that side finished.You’re going to top stitch the zip flap down now, to start tuck the under fabric to one side making shore you don’t sew it in at this point. Starting from the point you can see in the photo simply sew round to the top.

Tuck back into the waist band and top stitch; don’t forget to back-tack.

This is where you’re going to sew now. Has you can see in this photo you have to be careful of the metal that stops the zip, what I do is turn the needle by hand slowly so you can feel your way with the needle.

Right then last thing to do is finish off the top stitching on the zip flap.Now then how easy was that? Give yourself a pat on the back well done you! Any probs just email me I will do my best to help you out

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st time for everything wish me luck

Well here goes with my 1st every blog I have no idea what I’m doing at the present moment in time but please stick with me because I will get there somehow some way (she says).
I have loads of lovely photos to upload of the wonderful bits and pieces that I make; I’m also in the middle of making a tutorial for handmade fabric flowers so if you pop back soon I’m shore it will be up here.
I think I will go to bed now I have that bit of excitement over with x